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Care of cut flowers

How to look after cut flowers


Cut flowers
Spray cut flowers with hair laquer in order to make them last longer without shedding their petals. Hold the spray can about ten centimetres under the flower and spray upwards so that the corolla does not bend.

12 tips for keeping cut flowers at their best for the longest time:

1. On purchase, check that the flowers are sufficiently mature. Buds should show their colour.

2. The flowers should be well wrapped whilst they are being taken home, to prevent damage to the flowers and stems.

3. Put the flowers, still wrapped, in clean water so that they can absorb all the water that they need.

4. Arrange the flowers in a clean vase.

5. If you add sufficient nutriments to the water for cut flowers, they will last longer.

6. Before arranging the flowers in the vase, cut off the bottom three centimetres of the stems with a diagonal cut.

7. Stems should never be crushed or peeled, not even woody ones. This significantly reduces the life of the flower.

8. Leaves should never come into contact with the water because they contaminate it and so reduce the life of the flower.

9. Fresh water should be regularly added to the vase.

10. At night, flowers prefer a cool atmosphere.

11. Narcissus need special attention as they secrete a mucus which is harmful to other flowers. Keep them apart, in water, for a whole day and don't cut them again before putting them with other flowers. A special food is available commercially for narcissus which allows them to be put straight into a bunch of mixed flowers.

12. Flowers do not like direct sunlight or draughts. They should be kept away from fresh fruit, producers of ethylene, which noticeably reduces the life of the flower. Do not put them near a source of heat.